Luigi Bassano attended courses at the Ligustica Academy of Genoa starting from 1918. He exhibited from 1924 at the Rome Quadriennale and at various national exhibitions: Milan, Turin, Naples, Florence; in the same year he participates in the Genoese collective Alere Flamman. He was part of the "Gruppo 900 Ligure" together with the painters Salietti, Rodocanachi, Saccorotti as well as the sculptors Francesco Messina and Arturo Martini. In 1928 his first solo show in Genoa (Galleria Valle). In 1931 he was appointed Academic of Merit of the Ligustica Academy of Genoa; his personal exhibitions are numerous: Galleria Valle, Genova 1928, Galleria Vitelli Genova 1931, Galleria Rotta Genova 1935, 1947, 1952,1957, 1961, 1980, 1986, Galleria Sant'Andrea 1959. Numerous, also, his exhibitions abroad : New York, Washington and in various capitals of South America. Works by him at the Genoa-Nervi Gallery of Modern Art. In 1932 he was called to be part of the "Ligurian Group of the 900". After World War II, in which he participates as Captain, he resumes teaching and, after a while, begins to travel to various countries: France, Holland, Belgium, Portugal. Luigi Bassano performs figurative works of expressionist taste, not insensitive to the influence of French art, resolved with bright chromatic tones, always full of light. This valid artist is certainly to be counted among the innovators of painting in Liguria.


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