Born in Forges d'Ossana Val di Sole (Trentino) February 6, 1851, died in Cles on 8 October 1923. At twenty he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, as a student of Bottini. In his early paintings shows the influence of Filippo Carcano. In 1882 he took part in the Exhibition of Rome and has since manifested uncommon practice of brush. From 1890 to 1912 he resided in Venice, moving, then, in Verona. In 1914 he had to leave for a nervous disease painting that shoot only a short time before his death. Genre painter and paesag¬gio, she toured Italy, Germany and France, gaining extensive knowledge of contemporary art. He was an honorary professor of the Academy of Bologna, Venice and Ferrara. Paintings: Water dead, already owned Ingegnoli, with whom he won the Fumagalli, 1882; Church of Health in the Museum of Modern Art in Venice; Mills on the Adige, purchased by the Gallery of Modern Art in Rome; Pescarenico at Prince Ruspoli; morning; Verona; Autumn day; Dying sun; On the banks of the Adige, in the Museum of Trento; Sweet and clear night, in the Museum of Pittsburg; Ghosts of the lagoon; In Russia; Venice sleeping, property Castiglioni of Milan; Venice disappearance, owned by a Chinese prince; Day of May, in the Museum of Naples, with whom he won a silver medal at the Paris Universal Exhibition of 1889; Spring night, in which he received a gold medal in Monaco; Confidences, already the Milan Exhibition of 1898; The Fall, Verona disappeared in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan; In the last rays of Turin; Eve show in the Neue Pinakothek in Monaco, etc. In 1891 in Berlin was an honorable mention with Cles-Trentino, the context for which in 1892 also got a gold medal of Education. At the Venice Biennale in 1914 he was granted a special wall which included nine works. The Bezzi argued, along with Marius Pictor, the need to become the International Venice Biennale in 1895 and finally reached his goal. The painter was remembered with a retrospective at Trent in 1951; another was organized in Male in 1962 with new works or little known.


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