Born in Terni on 11 February 1848. From 1862 to 1869 he attended courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples where he has, as fellow students, the most significant exponents of Neapolitan art, Giuseppe De Nittis, Vincenzo Gemito and Antonio Mancini. In particular, his friendship with De Nittis, returning to Naples from Paris, favors his entry into the famous Maison Goupil. He then began an intense collaboration with the Parisian merchant for whom he painted exclusively for fourteen years: his works from Paris reached various European and American destinations, giving him a certain international notoriety. Liberated, in 1884, from the contract with Goupil, he can participate in the most important Italian exhibitions. His Return from Montevergine was already appreciated in 1880, presented together with the Bird Hunt and the Bay of Naples at the National Exhibition in Turin (perhaps by permission of Goupil). From 1867 to 1897 he took part in the exhibitions of the Promoter Salvator Rosa of Naples (in the years 1885, 1888, 1893 he appeared there as a member of the jury) and from 1882 to 1919 at the Promoter of Turin. His participation in the Venice International Art Exhibition (1895, 1897, 1899, 1903, 1905, 1907, 1909, 1910, 1912, 1914, 1920, 1922, 1924, 1926), at the Exhibition triennial at the Accademia di Brera in Milan (1891, 1894, 1897, 1900, 1906), at the International Exhibition of the Society of amateurs and connoisseurs of Fine Arts in Rome (1895-96, 1903, 1906, 1909, 1910) and at the Munich International Art Exhibition (1889, 1892, 1893, 1897, 1901, 1905). At the first International Exhibition in Venice, in 1895, the Ministry of Education bought Scirocco on the Amalfi coast, and in 1897, at the third triennial in Milan, another landscape, Mattino, both for the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome. From 1911 he was appointed director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Lucca, a position he held until retirement in 1921. Appointed honorary citizen, he lived in Lucca until his death on 27 October 1933.


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