Born in Maiori, in the province of Salerno, on 10 July 1845 and died in the same city on 2 August 1924. Son of the Maiori painter Luigi, he studied Royal Institute of Fine Arts in Naples with Tommaso De Vivo and at the Roman Academy of San Luca with Cesare Fracassini. Back in Naples he approaches the painting of Filippo Palizzi and Domenico Morelli. His first work is Il catechismo al villaggio, exhibited at the National Exhibition of Naples in 1877. Established around 1880 in Maiori, he devoted himself to landscape painting, genre subjects and portraits (Vecchio sailor, Giulianova, Pinacoteca Civica Vincenzo Bindi ). In his maturity, even with watercolor, he created landscapes of the Amalfi coast and decorative interventions in the churches of the region (in Casal Velino, Cava de Tirreni, Fisciano and Maiori). Between 1875 and 1896 he took part in numerous exhibitions in Naples (1867, Leisure, vice and work, 1877, The catechism in the village), in Turin (1884, Viv’o Re !, Naples, Capodimonte Museum), in Genoa and in Rome (1883, The collection of lemons in Majori). Among his main paintings presented in Italian and foreign exhibitions are: The gypsy in Maiori, Maiorese mermaid, Cincinnato, A hasty retreat, Winter day, The torture of Tantalus, It is he who comes, Self-explanatory, Case fishing boats, Pleasant stop, Sweet exchange, Passe-partout, The figurine seller, Maiori beach while embarking on lemons, Domestic joys, Half figure, A stranded hook, Snowfall, Curiosities, Family scenes. Other works by him are kept at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples (Il Duomo di Amalfi) and the Provincial Art Gallery of Palazzo Pinto in Salerno.


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