Born in Salerno on 5 November 1872, he emigrated to Paris in 1900. He studied at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples, Morelli's favorite pupil, from whom he learned poetry, the kindness of painting and the harmony of colors. He was also a pupil and friend of Gaetano Esposito, with whom he collaborated in some works. He decorated a church used as an ossuary in Vinzaglio. In Paris, he exhibited one of his paintings from Salerno at the Paris Salon and another in Venice. The Impressions of the romantic Paris road were successful. In 1907 he exhibited at the Independents and at the Salon of French artists. The symphony is currently in the Luxembourg Museum; L'Eroica in an Italian gallery. In 1914 he had a mission from the French government to Morocco, where he was a guest of General Chambrun. Some of his paintings were purchased by the king, from the Villa Torlonia Gallery, from the Navigazione Generale, from various private galleries, from the Kedivé of Egypt, from the French Government, from the Museum of Santiago, from the Museum of Lima, from the Neutnan Gallery. At the 1914 Venice Biennale he exhibited Violante; White; Unknown.


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