Born in Caslano (Canton Ticino) on July 16, 1842, died in Paris in 1914. His family was originally from Traversella (Aosta). She was overwhelmed in the events of 1821 and her uncle, the lawyer Giuseppe, was guillotined. His father, Abbondio, managed to escape to Switzerland, where Luigi was born, who was educated in Waebetu near Bern, then in Ealias (London) and graduated in architecture at the Zurich Polytechnic. He devoted himself to painting under the guidance of Carlo Mancini and Heilbuth and was a strong and brilliant landscape painter, master of his means, airy, lively, composed and measured. After various stays in Rome, London and Berlin, he settled in Écoven (Paris). He made his debut at the Venice Biennale in 1901, where he featured five works: Cows at the pasture; Goose Guardian; Drinking trough in a French village; The shepherdess and the dog; Milking. Although settled in Écoven, he also frequently appeared at Italian exhibitions. In the Pinacoteca di Brera the painting Cavalli all'abbeveratoio and in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan is preserved: Pastorella and Tacchini; in that of Rome: L'incontro; in the Civic Museum of Turin: Paese and L'Auier in Vichy; in the Luxembourg Museum in Paris: Gardeuse de dindons, and in the Sheffield Museum: Paisage uvee bétail. One of his students was Eugenio Gays.


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