Born in Vittorio Veneto in 1844. He attended courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. Emigrated to Florence to escape the Austrian conscription, he perfected himself by studying the great masters of the 1400s and 1500s. Of him we remember: Veronica Franco who refuses the gifts sent by Henry III, preserved in Verona; Portrait of Umberto I, in the prefecture of Venice; It serves her at the well, which obtained the first prize at the Veneto Regional Exposition of Treviso in 1872; Pumpkin seller; A foundation; The doves of Piazza San Marco; The curious ones; At Mass; The orphans; Venus; The bingo; The father does not come; Spring; The keeper of the house of God, exhibited in Milan, in the Palazzo di Brera, in 1874. Other works by him: Carnival of Venice, mural painting in the Europa hotel in Milan, not very happy in perspective; frescoes in the church of Chirignano; frescoes and portraits in the Villa Visconti di Modrone. Many of his works were purchased by picture dealers in Paris and London, and some were exhibited at the Royal London Academy.


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