Born in Genoa on October 30, 1881, alive. He studied at the Genoa and Munich Academy; but who initiated him to painting was the teaching of the Heavy. He made his debut at the Promotrice of Genoa, in 1907, with Cappottino rosso, a work that stood out for the boldness of the color. From this work he began a fruitful production of portraits scattered in his city and elsewhere. After the war, in which he participated, he went to London and there he perfected his studies. In 1924 he presented himself in a new form of color and light at the Venetian Biennale with Terrazzo sul mare. With this I will wash, which is now in the Gallery of Modern Art in Genoa, the artist has begun another stylistic and coloristic orientation. He has participated in exhibitions in Munich, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Brussels (personal exhibition in 1925), Venice, Rome, Turin, Milan. In 1924 he executed the interior of the mausoleum of Count Matarazzo in San Paolo of Brazil. Other paintings by him: The cook, property of the NAFTA company; Orange seller, exhibited in Barcelona and Rome. The altarpiece in the church of S. Giacomo di Carignano and the ceiling of the chapel of the Sacred Heart in the church of Sant'Ambrogio are his work.


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