Born in Domodossola on 24 August 1848, living now. He studied, no longer very young, at the Accademia Albertina, a pupil of Fontanesi. He exhibited his first painting at the Promotrice of Turin; he later took part in exhibitions in Turin, Milan, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Munich, Paris, Cologne, London, San Francisco and various others. Strong, skilled landscaper; he portrayed, with great poetry, many views of the Alps and also executed seascapes. Some of his works: La siesta and Fosco sunset-Viareggio, in the Civic Museum of Turin; Neapolitan countryside, awarded with a silver medal at the Nice Exposition; II ford, exhibited in Florence and sold in London; The well; La dent du Géant, purchased by the Royal House; On the mountains; Grand Canal in Venice; Golden branches, in Leningrad; The trough, with a Segantinian flavour, in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Rome; The furnace; September; On the edge of the pine forest, exhibited in 1915 at the San Francisco International; Idyll; Red in the evening; Waterfall; Marina in Fiumetto, in the collection of Dr. Turin Red; Gold Clouds; Gray weather, exhibited at the great Milan exhibition in 1906; Poetry of the evening; After a downpour - Venice; In the bed of the Pellice; Road to Alagna; Collection of ice near Milan, which appeared at the First Quadrennial of Turin in 1902. Despite his old age, Follini still paints, faithful to his dream of art.


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