Born in Cremona on 17 December 1863, living now. He studied at the Brera Academy, a pupil of Giuliano and Casnedi. Having won the Ferrari competition for the pensioner from Rome, he went to the capital, where he studied under the guidance of Maccari. He exhibited in Rome, at the Venetian Biennials, at the Female Portrait Exhibition in Monza. Director of the Velletri School of Art, he lived in Rome until 1896, the year in which he emigrated to France where he won the competition for the frescoes of the Casino of Montecarlo executing: II tobacco and opium; The tea and the coffee. For the Salon of the Baths he painted a large canvas: La joìe de l'eau; and he decorated the domes of that «Sporting Club» with the allegories: The conquest of the air and The races. Main works by him: Gaspare Arselli discovers the milky way, exhibited in Brera and now in the Civic Museum of Cremona; The epic vision, a large painting donated to the Italian government. In 1924 the artist returned to Italy, and also painted many portraits, including that of the granddaughters of Minister Mosconi; of Minister Fedele and Minister Rocco, of S. E. Raimondi; of Count Martucci; of the farmyard. Aceti and lawyer. Morzola; by Donna Mina Bonzi, a work that obtained a large medal at the Female Portrait Exhibition in Monza in 1924. The red shawl is kept in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan


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