Vincenzo Gemito (Naples, July 16, 1852 - Naples, March 1, 1929) was an Italian sculptor, draftsman and goldsmith. Self-taught and intolerant of academic canons, Gemito was trained by drawing from the alleys of the historic center of Naples and from the sculptures of the archaeological museum. His prolific artistic activity, which brought him to the pinnacle of success at the Paris Salons in 1876-77, was interrupted due to an internal intellectual crisis, by which he withdrew from the world for eighteen years; he resumed public life only in 1909, only to die twenty years later. Gemit's production includes vigorous drawings, terracotta figures and a large number of sculptures, all portraying popular Neapolitan scenes with a high pictorial intensity; among his main works we can mention the Pescatorello, the Acquaiolo (the original cast in silver is found in the Cenedese museum in Vittorio Veneto - Treviso), the statue of Charles V on the facade of the Royal Palace of Naples, the Zingara and numerous self-portraits.


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