Cesare Gheduzzi was born in Crespellano (BO) in 1894. Son and brother of painters, he initially approached painting as an autodidact, stimulated precisely by the comparison with his father Ugo and brother Giuseppe. After spending the first years of his life in Crespellano, in 1900 he moved to Turin where his father dedicated himself to setting up the sets of the Teatro Regio. Here he meets Carlo Follini, of whom he will be a pupil and whose teaching will be decisive for his maturation as an artist. Cesare is mainly dedicated to the landscape, which he reproduces with fidelity and elegance. In 1917 one of his works was present at the exhibition of the Promoting Society at the Fine Arts and at the Circolo degli Artisti in Turin and in 1942 he presented some of his works at the Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Turin. After his death in 1944, several posthumous exhibitions were held, especially in Turin and Milan.


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