Born in Milan, to a father originally from Savoy, on August 4, 1850, died in Stresa on August 30, 1906. Endowed with an observer and meditative spirit, although he diligently followed the courses of the Brera Academy, a disciple of Luigi Riccardi, he turned his sympathies towards the new technique of Tranquillo Cremona and Daniele Ranzoni, and his paintings initially felt the Cremonian influence: see Rustic courtyard of the Colombera, exhibited in Brera in 1870 and The flowers of the cloister, also exhibited in Brera in 1877. However, little by little that his art was maturing, he managed to free himself from these influences and found in the landscape his personal and ingenious pictorial style, fresh and sincere, as well as chosen in form and color; the result of the determined desire to represent the observed and the heard as faithfully as possible. With lovely spring and autumn countryside and lake scenes, he was able, despite the monotony of the subjects, to win the admiration of visitors to Italian and foreign exhibitions, in which he constantly obtained prizes. He had assiduously participated in the Milanese Exhibitions, in those of the Promoter of Genoa from 1871 onwards, in the Quadrennial Exhibitions of Turin, in the Second International Exhibition in Venice in 1897, in the National Exhibition in Naples in 1877 and in the Exhibitions of Paris, Munich, Brussels , of London, of Rio de Janeiro, of Buenos Aires. His works appear in major public galleries and in private collections. The main ones are: Sul Mottarone, Fishing village, Pesci and eight other canvases, in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan; In Gignese, in that of Rema; two other Vedute by Gignese, very valuable, one owned by Botta, and the other by Geri of Milan; Portrait, The straw bridge, Wood, The stream, Town, The Gesuati, In the stable, Spring, Manierosa, Quiet, Last leaves, Valle di Scalve, Autumn; Lake Maggiore, owned by Gussoni; Scoglio di Quarto, in the Conti collection; Macugnaga, in the Tridenti-Pozzi area of Milan; Landscape with cloudy sky, in the Finazzi collection in Bergamo; Interior of a park, in the Magugliani collection in Milan; Landscape, in the O.R. collection of Rome. His pupils were: Edoardo Guazzoni and Agostino Viani.


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