Lorenzo Gignous (Modena, 1862 - Porto Ceresio, Varese, 1958) was an Italian painter. Nephew of the painter Eugenio Gignous he was a pupil at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where in 1884 he obtained the Mylius prize for historical landscape, that year with a free subject, with a view of the town of Sesto Calende on Lake Maggiore, the place of the landing of Garibaldi and the regiments of the Cacciatori delle Alpi in May 1859. This landscape recurs frequently in his repertoire until it became a characteristic theme of all his production with a strong naturalist matrix. He participates in the main national exhibitions of the time quickly establishing himself as a landscape painter with a repertoire of views of Lake Maggiore studied from life during his stays in Stresa, guest of Eugenio Gignous who had moved there with his family since 1887. Intense activity pictorial alongside the employment at the State Railways until 1922, thanks to which he obtained important public commissions. He died in Porto Ceresio, Varese, in 1958. Some works: Still life with vegetables (1884), Mädchen mit rotem Schirm auf Dorfstrasse (1892), La sévillanne (1898), Lake Baveno (1904), Mountain landscape (1921), Landscape with bell tower (1921), View of Lake Maggiore ( 1922), Landscape (1924), Mountain landscape (1924), Mountain landscape with village (1933), Landscape (1933), Pasture (1935), Ticino (1938), Lombard landscape (1938), Landscape with stream (1941) , View of Lake Maggiore, Houses and mountains, View of Lake Maggiore near Sesto Calende, Clouds over Lake Alserio against the light, Landscape, Shrubs, Lake landscape, Snowy landscape, Mountain landscape, Glimpse of Miazzina, Mediterranean Coastal Scene, Characters on the beach, Landscape with farmhouses, Clouds on the lake, Alserio against the light, Washerwomen on Lake Maggiore.


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