Born in Rome on June 14, 1871. Instructed by his father, a wealthy architect, to classical studies, in 1885 he began to fall in love with art, posing as a page for Lodovico Seitz, who was frescoing in the Vatican. At first he was able to devote himself to painting only on holidays, then, having won the national pension and been admitted to the Institute of Fine Arts, he gave himself entirely to his favorite study. Dissatisfied with academic teachings, he turned first to the manner of Michetti, then to that of Antonio Mancini. He made a long trip to Spain to study Velasquez's works in depth and returned with excellent copies and good watercolors in which colorful costumes and sunny countries were reproduced. After a brief period of divisionism, he retired to Scanno in Abruzzo, and with Costumes of Scanno, which appeared at the Venice International in 1905, in which his qualities as a refined impressionist were revealed with the skilful fusion of colors in ambient light, he could say that he had found his way. He then painted delicate 'interiors', in a quieter range of colours, which he admired and imitated. Exquisite femininity, fragile and passionate, sphinx and contrived, always had a sincere idealizer in him. In 1909 a personal exhibition of his works was held at the Venice Biennale, and the paintings included: In Sardegna; Morning; In the garden; Tea; Fox hunting; mommy; At the toilet; Head study; The red dress; The night; After the bath; the rosary; The cloche hat; The table; Sleeping baby; Woman combing her hair; At the mirror; The jewel. In the Modern Art Gallery of Rome you can find: In the square; Visit; Portrait. Other works : Paw sick; White and blue; The Golden Angel; mistral wind; Feminine whims; August moon; Picking flowers; Carnival; The vacationers; Lipstick; The beaded dress; At night; Shipwreck; Holy Family; Roman sauce; Cleopatra and Antony; Reading; Late; Portrait of a lady and Montmartre, in the collection of Signor Guido Rossi of Milan


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