Francesco Menzio born of a Piedmontese family, who moved to Turin in 1912, Menzio trained as a self-taught person in Turin in the early 1920s, initially approaching Casorati's painting. After his debut in 1926 at the Novecento exhibition in Milan at the Pesaro Gallery, in 1928 he participated in the Venice Biennale which was followed by numerous participations at the Rome Quadriennale and again at the Venice Biennale. A long stay in Paris, in which he assimilated the painting of the Impressionists, Matisse and the Fauves, changed its stylistic orientation. Francesco Menzio on his return to Turin, under the strong stimulus and encouragement of Edoardo Persico and Lionello Venturi, gave birth, in fact, in '28 to the so-called "Group of six" together with Enrico Paulucci, Gigi Chessa, Carlo Levi, Nicola Galante and Jessie Boswell who advocated a return to the representation of natural forms through a free and creative use of color beyond any rigid formal scheme.


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