Born in Naples on 8 October 1858, still alive. Having learned the principles of art from Stanislao Lista, he then passed to the Institute of Fine Arts, a pupil first of Federico Maldarelli and Raffaele Postiglione, then of Domenico Morelli. In 1877 he began to get noticed by winning a prize in a national competition with a Head of a Woman. Versatile artist, he also knows sculpture, the art of chiselling, engraving. He emerges in lovingly portraying the narrow streets of old Naples, its markets, its characteristic figures and scenes. He made his debut in Turin in 1880, at that National Show, with a Neapolitan type. From that time on he exhibited successively in Berlin, London, Palermo, Munich, Barcelona, ​​at the Paris Motor Show, in Leningrad, Venice, Saint-Louis, Milan, Rome, Brussels Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile. one of the most assiduous exhibitors at the exhibitions of the "Salvator Rosa" promoter of Naples. Among the paintings that appeared there are: Head of a young woman, which was purchased by Umberto I; Poor peasants; Palazzo Donn'Anna; Head of a woman; Tattoo; Study of wild beasts; Capri; Fishermen's houses; A street in Naples. Among the other works, those that most attracted the attention of the public and critics are: Testina; In Piazza Francese, bought by Ismail Pasha; A tavern in Posillipo; Fulvia; In front of the tavern; Full moon; Old Naples; Vico Cannucce, property of the Royal National Museum of San Martino in Naples, in which are also preserved seven other small pictures illustrating old Neapolitan districts demolished; Marina of Naples; The night in a street in Naples; Neapolitan tavern; Porta Capuana; Seductions; Full moon concert; The navy of the sirens. In 1918 Il Migliaro, with other Neapolitan painters, held an individual exhibition in Milan with thirty works.


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