He attended the Ligustica Academy, a pupil of Viazzi and Gaudenzi. He regularly exhibits at the Genoese Promoter who, in 1929, dedicates a solo show to him with fifty-two operas in the foyer of the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa. Also in 1929 he was appointed academic of merit at the Ligustica. Concerning the exhibition activity, the exhibitions in Buenos Aires, 1923, that of the Pesaro Gallery, Milan, 1929, as well as those of the Palazzo della Borsa, Palazzo Rosso, 1932, the Circolo della Stampa, 1933, all held in Genoa, at the Roman Quadriennale, 1935. The Galleria Rotta in Genoa dedicated two posthumous exhibitions to him, in 1951 and 1955, and another was set up at the Galleria Ar-tetre by L. Araghi. Careful interpreter of the seafaring reality, he populates his canvases with fishermen, old sailors, mending nets, as well as boats and sailing ships set on the beach and sea of ​​Prà. Works: Genova-Nervi, Gallery of Modern Art (Old sailors). Genova-Prà, Church of San Rocco, Archive (The rotations). Bibliography: A.M. Comanducci, IV, 1973, p. 2094; V. Rocchiero, 1981, p. 237-238 (with bibl.); G. Costa, 1985, p. 52; G. Marcenaro (edited by), Genoa, the twentieth century, cat. exhibition, Genoa, 1986, pp. 246, 265, 386; G. Paganelli - R.M. Sarni, XII exhibition ..., cat., Genoa, 1990.


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