Ticino painter, born in Lugano, living in Milan. Very good in the genre picture and in the country, he has always exhibited very interesting canvases in every Italian exhibition. In Naples, in 1877, he had the canvases: "In the garden" (study from life) and "The choir of the church of San Vittore in Milan". In Turin, in 1880: "Ambush"; "Are you awake?"; “An old man's head” and the other two good paintings: “The choice” and “The best corner of my garden”. Shortly after he exhibited in Milan: "Between two quarrels the third enjoys", a beautiful genre picture; and "The bewildered escape"; as well as "The inexperienced cleric"; and "The sinister encounter"; and some very well-rendered studies of peasant costumes from the Canton of Ticino. In Rome, in 1883, he had exhibited: “Evil for those who happen to us” and “San Lorenzo in Lugana”, two excellent paintings. It is in Turin, in 1884: "Frutta"; "Sweets"; and two years later, in Milan, the good picture: "Military departing", and a navy representing: "Some rocks on the island of Capri". In Venice, in 1887, he had the canvases: “Bosco Brumea”; "Damage and mockery", and a large and very interesting "Marina". In Bologna, in 1888, he exhibited yet another "Marina", and in Brera at the Triennial Exhibition, in 1891, another beautiful canvas. Notable are the costume studies of Monteverde, who is also a talented portrait painter and who, both in the town and in his figure, has now acquired an undoubted reputation as a skilled performer. We still remember the paintings: "So?"; "An importunate" and "Music for all", which added to the others, further increase the good reputation of this emeritus and talented artist.


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