After completing his classical and university studies, he began his pictorial activity with the Group of the Six in Turin (Boswell, Chessa, Galante, Levi, Menzio, Paulucci) set up in '29 and lasted a few years, contrasting the French lesson of the post with the rhetoric of the twentieth century. -Impressionism and the complex stylistic code of the European Secessions. The bright intensity of the pure color of his painting therefore recalls the Fauvist origin and the supple arabesque of the sign, the connection to the sensitive refinement of Dufy's values. From the rehearsals of the Group of Six, which had had two unparalleled supporters in Lionello Venturi and Edoardo Persico, an acceptance of the landscape in the invention and in a suspension, halfway between reality and reverie, evoking a serene and widespread atmospheric clarity on land and sea. Paolucci has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions all over the world. appearances at the Venetian Biennials, the Roman Quadrennial and the most important national and international exhibitions. By way of example, some important exhibitions are mentioned: 6 painters from Turin, Milan, 1929; Jeune Europe, Paris, 1931; Galleria della Cometa, Rome, 1938; Personal exhibition, La Bussola, Turin, 1946; Venice Biennale, 1954; Gali, del Vantaggio, Rome, 1956; Gali. Adel, La Spezia, 1959; The six of Turin, Gali. of Modern Art, Turin, 1965; Venice Biennale, 1966; Anthological, Municipality of Genoa, 1983; Acqui Terme, Liceo Saracco, 1986. Works: Genova-Nervi, Gallery of Modern Art (Villa Pace; Port of Genoa). Turin, Gali. of Modern Art (Beach; Country under the snow; Still life ...).


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