Born in Azzanello (Brescia) on November 13, 1884, alive. Self-taught, he was formed in the spiritual atmosphere of Vittore Grubicy, Marius de Maria and Gaetano Previati. He made his debut at the Artistic Family of Milan; then he was present at the Roman Biennials, many times at the exhibitions of the Permanente in Milan, and held two solo shows in the latter city. In Venice, at the Biennale, he exhibited: in 1926, Pax; in 1930; Calm nocturnal (Ferrera Moncenisio) and the Chapel of Sant'Eldrado in Novalesa (Susa). At the Mostra d'Arte Marinara (1927) he sent the painting In riva al mare, which is currently housed in the Galleria d'Arte Moderna in Milan. Other works are scattered in Italy and abroad: in London, Chicago, Zurich, Glasgow. Some possesses the comm. Pedriali of San Remo. The most significant paintings of this artist are cited, who follows the pointillist technique and loves to deal with subjects relating to the life of the spirit: Morning Preci; Lunar calm; Herd at rest; The time of vespers.


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