Born in Monza on January 8, 1856, died in Magreglio on October 18, 1919. From a modest family, he attended the Brera Academy at a very young age where he had Casnédi and Giuseppe Bertini as teachers. The natural tendency to romanticism led him to first paint sentimental and mannered canvases, albeit with a sure technique and excellent harmony of tones. Then, in a second period, the Spreafìco copied from life, preferably the landscapes of Brianza, and finally the mountain ones. He easily found the correspondence between the visual impression and the pictorial realization. While still a student, he won the Hayez competition with two nude studies. He made numerous paintings, among which are remembered: April; Rain of autumn leaves; The sacristan's flowers; Sunset; Bosco and In processione, exhibited in 1881 in Milan; How the bread of others tastes of salt; Blessing of the houses; Love for study and Study from life, exhibited two years later; Return to the farmhouse and In the park of Monza, sent in the same 1883 to Rome; Country wedding; The Ave Maria of the morning and Saturday, exhibited in Turin in 1884; In the Cascina; Puerpera; Idyll and Market, presented in Milan in 1886; Joys; Pain and Work, in Venice the following year; Peasant mothers on a feast day, with children in their necks, presented for the Fumagalli competition; The roses of the lake; Calendimaggio; A ftdgure et stormed free nos Domine. He also exhibited in Bologna in 1888. Of the triptych La Sagra dei Morti, also made by him, only a part remains. His Lombard countryside landscape is preserved in the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan; in the collection of Signor Tornaghi of Monza, the genre picture I predestinati.


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