Born in Luzzi (Cosenza) on 17 September 1846, died in New York on 2 June 1922. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, a pupil of Mancinelli. His first works were: Ecce Homo, made for the church of Luzzi, and San Pietro d'Alcantara, paintings that earned him fame and protection; he later achieved good success as a sailor. He emigrated to America in 1886. His works are scattered throughout Italy, France, England and America. We mention: A street in Chieti, in the Vonwiller tunnel; A walk by the sea, the baths of Francavilla, From the Villa al Chiatamone, The feast of Mergellina, Piazza del Pendino, Summer time, The return of the fisherman, From Mergellina to Posillipo, From Frisio to Santa Lucia. A collection of watercolors of him is owned by Gotti in New York. I Bagni a Posillipo is kept by his son Mario in New York; drawings, studies, sketches and minor works are kept by family members.


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