Born in Ravenna, a contemporary of Giovanni Fattori and Telemaco Signorini, he lived almost ignored in Livorno. He was the painter of the stormy sea. His brushstroke is sharp, nervous, without regrets or concerns of technique or fashion; clear, firm, safe. In stopping the agitated wave on the canvas, or the white cloud wandering in the blue space, he is dynamic and sonorous. The strips of emerald green sea, or intense ultramarine, the libeccio winds, the boats thrown against the hard rock, dropping sheer; thunder, lightning, were his favorite subjects. Boycotted, he was forced to paint a little for all tastes, against all his wishes; but in the tablets, in the studies, in the notes, which he painted for himself, he was very effective. He was a teacher at the Naval Academy of Livorno for a few years, given that the animosity of others managed to take away from him. One of him the work of him. Fishing boat, is owned by Mr. Ettore Landi of Milan.


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