Born in Cuneo on May 27, 1870, alive. A pupil of Pier Celestino Gilardi and Andrea Gastaldi at the Albertina Academy in Turin, he made his debut at the Promoter of that city in 1887. In 1898 at the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in Turin he established himself with the large canvas I reietti. A good landscape painter, he knows how to satisfy the reasons for his art without departing from the taste of the public. In his works a feeling vibrates that is pictorially expressed in gray-pearly tones and pink sunsets. He has always participated in national and local exhibitions in Rome, Naples, Florence, Milan, Turin, Bologna; and abroad he has appeared at the Paris Autumn Show, and at an International Exhibition in Buenos Aires. A hundred of his paintings are scattered on the transatlantic liners of the "Italia" shipping company. Two of his best landscapes are in the Modern Art Gallery of Palazzo Rosso in Genoa; other notable paintings are in the Peregallo Gallery in Naples and in various private collections in Genoa.


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