He studied in Genoa, at the Ligustica Academy, then in Turin, with Vittorio Cavalieri. He made his debut as a theatrical set designer, working for the Carlo Felice Theater in Genoa. After a period of study in Rome he stayed in Paris (1899-1906) where he became known above all as an etching artist. In Genoa he adhered to various pictorial tendencies: Divisionism, Symbolism, Second Futurism. In spite of the constant change, however, he was essentially a realist painter, with a lively flair and a strong sense of decoration. Examples are some pictorial cycles with sometimes curious themes: the great leaders, the great musicians, the ladies of the Belle Epoque, the streets of Albaro, the churches of Genoa ... In 1925 he established the municipal chalcographic cabinet in Genoa. Academic of merit at the Ligustica he was also director - in the same Academy - of the engraving school, 1930-1940, crowning his interest and his skills in this technique (he used the difficult procedure of "soft varnish"). His exhibition activity is very rich, both in Italy and abroad; in Genoa he was constantly present at the exhibitions of the Promoter. Works: Cairo Montenotte, Town Hall. Genoa, Museum of the Risorgimento; Palazzo Rosso, Prints and Drawings Department. Genova-Nervi, Gallery of Modern Art. London, National Maritime Museum. Milan, Sforzesco Castle. Rome, Gallery of Modern Art. Tokyo, Museum. Bibliography O. Grosso (edited by), Exhibition of 19th century painters, cat., Genoa, 1938, p. 119; A.M. Comanducci, IV, 1973, p. 2152; Bolaffi Encyclopedic Dictionary ..., VIII, 1975, p. 44; E. Bertonati, Genoa between symbolism ..., cat. exhibition, Milan, 1978; G. Bruno, 1981, pp. 91, 100, 461 (with bibl.); : V. Rocchie-ro, 1981, p. 239; Bolaffi cat. n. 12, 1983, pp. 75, 249, G. Costa, 1985, p. 52; Painting in Genoa ..., II, 1987 (II ed.), Pp. 460-461, 485.


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